Canada PR Visa Benefits

Canada PR Visa Benefits

Canada Permanent Residency Visa has more benefits. It is one of the most beautiful & well developed immigrant favorite destinations encourages skilled professionals to settle in Canada on a PR basis. An aspirant who acquired Canada Permanent Resident means he got most of the benefits as a Canada citizen. Recently Canada planned changes to Express Entry System. A Canada PR Visa holder can be a citizen of Canada after 3 years of staying in this nation. Most of the immigrants prefer to get Canada Permanent Residency Visa as for its benefits. Know more details about Cannada Immigration. The benefits of acquiring a Canada PR are as follows:

Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency Visa:

  • PR for a long Time – Initially the PR visa will be given for Five years which can be extended up to 15 years.
  • Canada Citizenship – A PR holder can apply for Canadian Citizenship if he/she resides there for at least 3 years.
  • Multiple Entry Visa – It’s not a one-way visa. Canadian government allows the PR holder to have multiple entries. But the PR holder needs to carry the PR card during the travel.
  • The PR allows the holder to move freely from province to province.
  • Family Visa – The PR holders are allowed to bring their spouse/partner, kids along with them.
  • Spouse is eligible to work on the basis of the Same VISA
  • Free health benefits – A PR holder & As like the common citizen, a PR holder, and his family will receive the health benefits provided by Canada Govt.
  • Free education for children up to 12th grade – It’s only applicable for Public school study.
  • Childcare amount are also available on PR visa
  • Women welfare & Retirement funds
  • Unemployment funds – If any PR holder loses his job for any valid reason, he/she will be receiving 60-65% of the last drawn CTC until he/she joins the next job. However, it will be subjected to be scrutinized thoroughly.
  • Free access to the US after three years stay in Canada – Once a PR holder is proved to be eligible for Citizenship, USA access will be opened and can stay in the USA up to 6 months. After receiving the citizenship that a person can travel to the USA for a job or settle down without any visa/permission.
  • A PR Holder has a chance to sponsor their parents.
  • The Resident is entitled to certain legal rights, such as to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and be provided with an interpreter in the courtroom, if necessary to have a lawyer.

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