Changes In Australian Immigration Rules From March 2018

Changes In Australian Immigration Rules From March 2018

There are some changes in Australian Immigration Rules. The government of Australia implemented and proposed these rules from March 2018. There has been an arrangement of changes on different talented visa classifications in Australia Immigration program.

Starting at now, following guidelines and approaches are winning that the migrants should remember:

1. To apply as a skilled worker, Australia runs General Skilled Migration program (GSM) which is separated into three subclasses in particular visa 189,190, and 489.

2. You have to take care of three stages that should clear of no matter what type you choose.

  • Language Test:  The Applicant needs to prove his/her Language Proficiency through various tests like IELTS, PTE etc .,
  • Medical Clearance: Each member of the Applicant family should undergo a medical clearance test. This Medical test is mandatory for all the three subclasses.
  • Character Clearance: Police clearance Certificate should be submitted by the Applicant.

3. The maximum age to apply for Australia PR is 45. Further, it has been changed to under 45 of age from March 2018.

4. The following Occupations are removed from the Short Term Skill Occupation List (STSOL).

  • Accommodation and Hospitality Manager
  • Building Associate
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Hair beauty Saloon Manager

5. Applicants for Applying Australia PR should have minimum three years of experience under particular occupation. This is one of the main things in the Australian Immigration Rules.

6. After spending three years in Australia then you will become eligible to take an Australian citizenship. The applicant should pass in a “Higher standard” Language test to qualify for citizenship. If you continuously fail thrice then you have to wait for another two years.

7. Keeping in mind that anxious position of applicants, Australian department has now started an online list of Processing times. Thus applicants can now check their status online.

8. At the season of welcome, the candidate must meet the minimum points 65 out of 100. However, under visa subclass 190 the minimum score is 55 out of 100 because 5 points will be rewarded from the sponsor state. Similarly, under visa subclass 489, the minimum score is 50 out of 100 as 10 points will be granted by the provincial state.

9. The Australian government is very concerned about the fact that after coming to their country, you are required to show your funds in terms of cash, properties or gold etc. that you are financially capable. These Australian Immigration Rules keep shifting from year to year.

10. Processing time: This time may vary on Visa type or on the category you choose. It usually takes one month to one-year also.

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