Steps To Apply For Canada PR

Steps To Apply For Canada PR

Migrate Canada to live, work and get Canada PR. This visa leads to several benefits. It has growing job opportunities, fair selection system and welcomes Nationals of every country. There are different Immigration programs in Canada, which offer PR visa to the highly skilled and talented overseas workers and professionals, i.e. Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program(QSWP), Provisional Nominee Programs(PNPs), etc. However, most of these Immigration systems follow the point-based system and hence, your selection for PR visa depends on the total points you score based on your education, age, language proficiency etc.,

Steps to Get the Canada PR:

The following steps will tell you in detail about all aspects of Canada PR.

  1. Educational Credential Assessment ( ECA ): This is the first document you need to get in support of your Canada PR profile on express entry. This will show that your educational qualifications are equal to the Canadian education system. So you can be selected for Immigration.
  2. Language Test: The IELTS Language ability Report is an important part of your Canada PR application. A good language ability not only shows that the applicant can readily speak in English but also shows they can work and communicate successfully in the Canadian Markets.
  3. Submit Visa Application:  Once you have all the documents you are going to need for your application, its time to file your application online.
  4. Receive an Invitation & Apply for Canada PR: If you get an Invitation, then you’ll have 60 days to submit your application for Permanent Residence.

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