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Expert Team

We head a shrewd and competent team to cater all the immigration needs with a holistic approach.


We have mastered the art of keeping the entire process economical without compromising on the quality.

Quality Certified

The quality assurance team rigorously checks the entire process to make it error free and to back it up, we are ISO certified.


We acknowledge the fact that the service industry is very sensitive and trust factor is given the utmost priority.

Refund Policy

We go with a motive of “no visa no fee” and it’s completely backed up with a refund policy to safeguard your investment.


We maintain 100% transparency all around the process and keep our clients up to date with the process and future updates of the process.

Don’t worry about how to get a job in Canada / Australia from India when we are here
We are a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals from Hyderabad who are here to solve your entire visa and immigration related issues or challenges. The services which you will find here are unparalleled and satisfactory as compared to many other Visa consulting firms in India and worldwide. ‘M square oversees careers’ serves both regional and national clients. This has been possible because of the contest communication and trust between the team and the clients.
How we work for Australia & Canada immigration process
Our team works on the principle of transparency and trust with our clients. We are among the top authorized immigration consultants in India and our team can help you select the appropriate immigration destination in accordance with your profile, job availability, lifestyle of a country and many other factors. You can either the country on your own or our staff can also guide you on the lines of your thinking and needs.As a matter of fact, the two most looked after countries for Indians are Canada and Australia. So our team often faces the question about PR visa processing for Canada and Australia. You can find the maximum numbers of Indian living in these two countries. Many of them have been sent by our team by helping them with their immigration and visa process. Similarly, our team can provide you thorough information about the tests one needs to take, the approaches and guidelines for migrates, method of applying for PR status and many other areas of concern during and before the migration and PR process. You will also be guided about the perks of moving to another country and the benefits of getting the PR status so that you are well aware of everything that you need to know before applying for any such facility or transfer. The next area of concern is given in below section.
How to get a job in Canada and Australia from India
We all know that shifting to a country like Canada and Australia can bring in many perks to an individual and his family. These countries are the most sorts after locations in the world. But the question here arise is how to move and how to get a job in Canada / Australia from India? The best way to move to Canada / Australia is to get PR status in Canada / Australia. This means that the person can live and work in these countries with similar benefits as that of the Canadian / Australian citizen. To get the PR status a person has to take few tests, submit his visa application and once he receives the invitation, he can then apply for Canada and Australia PR. Our team will be there with you holding your hands, guiding you through the entire process of application and will make sure that you have reached your desired destination. So, if you are looking for the best services for overseas visa consultants in Hyderabad, then you are just a call away. The contact details are shared on our website.

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